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Recycling, Asset Recovery and Rigging

Make the most of your site's materials. Demolish, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Turn your scrap and unused assets into a financial return.

Detroit Dismantling will find end users for your obsolete materials and equipment. This could include copper, structural steel, boilers, and electrical equipment. The profit made from these assets will provide a return on investment and reduce your overall project cost. Recycling is a mandatory practice for all projects.

Recycling, Asset Recovery and Rigging Includes:

  • Asset Identification
  • Removal and Trucking
  • Crane Operations 
  • Hoisting

Detroit Dismantling identifies materials that can be reused or sold from a demolition project. We have various buyers in line to purchase these assets in a way that will be most beneficial to you. Our rigging capabilities allow us to execute this service regardless of any difficult location.

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