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robotic demolition

Making swift work of even the most formidable tasks and enhancing safety.

Demolition tools advance into the future with dynamic robotic equipment.

With dangerous environments demanding precise positioning or pulverizing power, Detroit Dismantling’s robotics allow for remote access and provide additional operator safety. Our experienced operators receive hands-on training from the robot manufacturers themselves, making them masters of efficiency and execution.

Robotic Demolition Includes:

  • drilling
  • crushing
  • breaking
  • cutting
  • excavation
  • coring

Detroit Dismantling’s robotic demolition allows us to work in difficult environments without disrupting operations. The robotic equipment’s electric power eliminates the use of combustion engines and results in zero fume emissions. Along with the robot’s multiple tool attachments, we are able to minimize dust, vibration, and sound from extending beyond the work area.

Our robotic demolition tools and expert operators deliver unsurpassed power and precision. Contact us today for your next demanding job.

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