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Be a part of it! Safety.

Safety is a team effort

The Detroit Dismantling team represents the industry’s best safety practices. There is no greater victory than a safe day on the job. Achieving those victories takes careful preparation and execution. That’s why safety remains the hallmark of success for Detroit Dismantling.

OSHA 30-Hour Course

MUST Safety Program

Asbestos + Cadmium+
Lead Awareness + Silica


Fall Protection Training

Aerial Lift Training

Fire Safety

Stretch and Flex

We start every work day performing our Stretch and Flex program which allows our team to prepare their bodies for a physical day on the job. We implemented this program to help ensure proper body mechanics and avoid injuries. This has been a huge success and a positive start to each shift.

We share OSHA’s mission

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) works to ensure safe and healthful working conditions. Detroit Dismantling supports OSHA’s standards and the values it represents. Together, we play an essential role in protecting workers throughout Michigan and across the U.S.

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