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13840 Intervale St, Detroit, MI 48227

David Stott Building, Detroit, MI

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Interior Demolition, Concrete Cutting, and Rigging

The David Stott Building is a 38-story high rise building located at 1150 Griswold Street in Detroit, MI. This project included removal of three existing elevators cabs, rails, cables, motors, and drums completely. With the elevators suspended in a 450-foot-long vertical shaft, the crew had to rig and manually hoist each of the 6,500 lb. cabs to the basement level before beginning demolition. To ensure safety, DDC engineered a custom swing-stage platform with independent fall protection that conformed to the exact size of the elevator shaft itself in order to remove the rails. Additional interior demolition included removal of the vaulted sidewalk and creating over 320 new floor openings for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing shafts.

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